Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Be Amazing , Have fun , do something new

Aloha everyone today was the Day
Something amazing
Aloha discovery leads to me to create something new at our place
Lets start with an Amazing person
I know a courageous person who runs an expressive arts school/ yoga classes and healing practice and works in customer service and had a vacation rental. She got such grief in reviews from the vacation and with customers( haters and online trolls she called them ) . She really tries to do her best for people. I am reminded that no mater how good a place is , or service is, some people just don't like small operators , alternative services, no ac , Hawaii or tropical conditions, and may have personal issues that beyond the scope of a rental property or service being offered.
Negative impact of negative behavior vs amazing good people
Besides being hard on staff the haters and trolls mislead people that wish for and are so stoked or happy to find the vacation rental or services not usually offered that is the best match for them.  So back to the good person, this person is amazing like the sun , everything she does is wonderful, yes i am a fan, anyway she creates and bring alternative classes and experience just not offered any where. Even in here customer service work , just someone showing up to work is big here in Kona. In Kona  visitors outnumber locals by 20 to 1 sometimes of the year and there is a shortage of people to help so many business shut down or do not make it. It is good to appreciate people who work to help others in this area. Back to this good person.
Let your light shine on for others
 I told her to not let the haters and online trolls poison her cup,  like Anthony Robins says. I also told her to be even better like Wayne Dyer says.
I felt so moved by her and her gifts she brings I decided to follow my own advice.
I will be Better too
 Here is something better
I am a bit afraid but here it goes . I am going to make quiche from the eggs and spinach we grow here at our place. I can't believe i am doing this . I used some sour cream , arugula, parsley, our spinach , our eggs and.... Here we go .... They turned out great i made some plain ones for the kids  too. The crust was too sweet so i passed on using it( almond and coconut flour or was it the coconut oil?) I cant wait to surprise my long running friends / guests who have returned for their third stay with us, and yes they got the couples VIP massage pack so i get to spoil them all the way.
only offered here, bummer for the folks elsewhere

These last few weeks
 we had football avocados , 8 different kind of avocado, sour sap, and 5 kind of papaya- papaya picking sessions

this last week and this week
we are doing Shamanic massage, Led blue light therapy, electomagnetic therapy, couples massage, star fruit , foot ball avocado, 3 kind of papaya, lychie, and the quiche we are preparing for a chef festival. WE also are offering 2 services for the price of one this week.Wednesday, thursday and friday only

I hope to bring one new surprise modality this week
Got to go the beach
 be sure to have fun this week
be Amazing
John Betlach
Play Instigator/Senior contribute/ reviewer, Chef, Shamanic Massage Therapist

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

South West Makes travel to Hawaii the lowest cost in 30 years

That is right 49-199 each way
Alaskian and Hawaiian also are offering deals too
So not is it not only more affordable than ever
but interisland play is accessable again too.
You could spend a week on each island
or or go day hopping.
Some folks where paying 150-650 to go interisland but now that has all changed with fares of 49-75 each way or 100-150 round trip to different islands. How fun . I can only hope they bring back the unlimited travel for a week pass between the islands.
Aloha Nuei Kids
Remember to have some Fun
John Betlach
Host , Chef, Shamanic Massage therapist

beat  of Hawaii  goes into more deTAIL BELOW
Southwest Hawaii offering:
Two free checked bags.
No seat assignments. An early boarding option for $25 will be popular.
No meals for sale, only free drinks and snacks. First service will consist of a snack bag that includes crackers, pretzels, cheese spread, Tic-Tacs and fruit snacks. Second service is Pepperidge Farm cookies.
No charger ports. Bring a charged battery and perhaps a charger pack.
In-flight entertainment. This will be available on your own devices only. Fee based satellite WiFi may be offered either at launch or subsequently – we haven’t heard yet.
Hawaii overnight/red-eye flights.

Oakland Southwest Hawaii deals

Oakland to/from Honolulu $49-$189 each way. Two flights daily. Service starts March 17.
Departs Oakland 830am, arriving Honolulu 1105am. Also departs Oakland 540pm, arriving Honolulu at 810pm.
Departs Honolulu at 930am, arriving Oakland 545pm. Also departs Honolulu at 330pm, arriving Oakland at 1150pm.
Oakland to/from Maui $49-$189 each way. Two flights daily. Service starts April 7.
Departs Oakland 1030am, arriving Maui 1255pm. Also departs Oakland 530pm, arriving Maui at 755pm.
Departs Maui at 915am, arriving Oakland 520pm. Also departs Maui at 450pm, arriving Oakland at 1250am.
Oakland to/from Kona $49-$189 each way. Flights start May 12. Connecting via Honolulu.
Departs Oakland 830am, arriving Kona 1250pm.
Departs Kona 700am, arriving Oakland 545pm. Also departs Kona 135pm, arriving Oakland 1150pm.

San Jose Southwest Hawaii deals

San Jose to/from Honolulu $49-$189 each way. Flights start May 5.
Departs San Jose 1055am, arriving Honolulu 135pm. Also departs San Jose 1240pm, arriving Honolulu 630pm.
Departs Honolulu at 1240pm, arriving San Jose 855pm.
San Jose to/from Maui $49-$189 each way. Flights start May 12.
Departs San Jose 1240pm, arriving Maui 305pm.
Departs Maui at 240pm, arriving San Jose 1030pm.
San Jose to/from Kona $49-$189 each way. Flights start May 26.
Departs San Jose 1055am, arriving Kona 420pm via Honolulu.
Departs Maui at 1000am, arriving Kona 855pm via Honolulu.

Southwest Inter-Island deals

Honolulu to/from Maui $29. Flights start April 30.
Departs Honolulu 700am, arriving Maui 745am. Also departs Honolulu 10am, arriving Maui 1050am. Also departs Honolulu 405pm, arriving Maui 455pm. Also departs Honolulu 7pm, arriving Maui 750pm.
Departs Departs Maui 830am, arriving Honolulu 915am. Also Departs Maui 1135am, arriving Honolulu 1220pm. Also Departs Maui 220pm, arriving Honolulu 310pm. Also departs Maui 545pm, arriving Honolulu 630pm.
Honolulu to/from Kona $29. Flights start May 14.
Departs Honolulu 815am, arriving Kona 910am. Also departs Honolulu 1155am, arriving Kona 1250pm. Also departs Honolulu 325pm, arriving Kona 420pm. Also departs Honolulu 715pm, arriving Kona 810pm.
Departs Kona 700am, arriving Honolulu 745am. Also departs Kona 1100am, arriving Honolulu 1055am. Also Departs Kona 135pm, arriving Honolulu 235pm. Also departs Kona 515pm, arriving Honolulu 610pm.